Continue to implement social distancing measures in the prevention and control of COVID-19

Facing the extremely urgent situation due to the rapid and unpredictable development of the new strain of Delta virus; to continue implementing the goal of protecting the life and health of the People first and foremost, stabilizing production and business activities in the province; The President of the People’s Committee of the province shall request the heads of the departments, divisions, branches, the presidents of the People’s Committees of the districts, cities, enterprises, production and business establishments and the people to take the following measures:
1. Continue to apply social distancing measures under Directive No. 16/CT-TTg across the province for 15 days from 0:00, August 2, 2021 on the principle that people are isolated from other people, family members. The family is isolated from the family, the hamlet is isolated from the hamlet, the commune/ward is isolated from the commune/ward, the district/city is isolated from the district/city.
2. Implement measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic for all businesses, production and business establishments (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) in the province according to one of three options:
– Option 1: “03 on the spot” (produce on the spot, eat on the spot, rest on the spot).
– Option 2: “01 road, 02 locations” (“01 route” is the only route to transport workers from the place of residence to the place of production, “02 places” is the place to store the workers. concentrated residence of employees of each separate enterprise and production place of the enterprise).
– Option 3: Flexibility to apply the above two options at the same time.
The application period is 15 days from 0:00, August 2, 2021.