Medical isolation days. I have to stay at the company, prepare the necessary items and make the worst plan is to ask the factory workers to stay at the company to work and companion with Vietnam to fight the epidemic.

Although I don’t have much trouble, my beloved children stay with my grandparents to avoid the epidemic. But the feeling of eating, staying, sleeping, resting and working at the company without going home is really long. “One day has passed, it seems like a week, it’s been a week – it seems like a month”. I will still try to encourage myself and everyone, let me be comfortable, let’s accompany the company and fight with Vietnam against the epidemic, I get up early every day, meet and greet everyone, I want to create the most comfortable feeling so that the employees in the factory always have the feeling that they are ready for any situation and can arrange and accompany the company and Vietnam to fight the epidemic – come back new normal life soon.

The company has also been preparing supplies, creating the best conditions to support and work with Vietnam to prevent the spread of the disease. Although those items are not as sophisticated or professional as other companies, it is not lacking and regretting to have suggestions from preparing to eat 3 meals, where to sleep? By what? How about entertainment?… In the spirit of preparation in advance, in the lucky event that they do not have to be used, those personal items will be given as gifts to employees on an appropriate occasion. . Indeed, our employees are also grateful because we are lucky to have a General Director who always thinks about the feelings and lives of his employees, always creates the best conditions and worries for the employees.

Especially me, the manager of the management department, I have to thank my staff very much, I see that they have grown up, worked better and especially when working the team work. They are always accompanying and supporting me to complete the assigned tasks, in any situation (at work or at home). When I stayed at the company, you guys took care of me, and always asked, prepared me from the smallest and I felt so happy and grateful.

Every day I go to Facebook, not to post photos or to post startus, I go to Facebook to quickly update the Covid situation in the neighboring provinces of Dong Nai and in Dong Nai. I need to grasp the situation and monitor Dong Nai’s implementation of the “Isolation – Medical Isolation” in a certain area or area. Update FO near me and near employees, etc. to promptly support tracing and testing to eliminate hazards that may affect the lives of everyone in my company.

I hope the epidemic will soon pass and life will return to normal. The feeling of peace and people being reunited, going out together, traveling, meeting family and friends, and everyone’s plans can be fulfilled, children have fun, and go back to school. Have a meaningful summer vacation.

Ms. Dao.

Nguyen Thi Dao

Nguyen Thi Dao

I am NGUYEN THI DAO, Birthday : 1985
Graduated: Ho Chi Minh of Nong Lam University
Major: Financial –  accounting
Current position: Assistant Manager of Managing department
Motto in life : ” When we meet a problem or fail in our life, that is a new experience, is an opportunity to learn and develop for ourselve”
In 8 hours at company, I always wish I can contribute my little ability for its development.
About the work environment, in my opinion, If we want to work at a good environment, we need to create it by ourself. Donot wait for another person who will make it for us.
There is not any job can be easy successfully without the striving.
Once more, Pegasus-Shimamoto Auto Parts Vietnam is like my second house. Consequently, I will try to best to develop with Pegasus-Shimamoto together.